Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hummers are here

I put out our hummingbird feeder a day or so before Easter. April 15th is usually the magic day for those of us in the Mid-Atlantic, but as spring was taking its time coming, I didn't rush things. There she was , our first little hummer of the season, this afternoon.

I had only put a taste of nectar in the feeder. With temperatures still dropping low in the nights, I didn't want to be wasteful of the sugar juice and have no birds. It only lasts about a week before it is filled with bugs, of both the insect and microbial variety. I made some fresh juice this evening, happy to reward our little birdy for her long flight from South America.

I have seen nectar recipes vary greatly, but I generally use about 5 tablespoons of sugar to this Bonne Maman jam jar filled with water. Sugar first, water boiled in the kettle second. Stir and let cool, completely.

In case you're wondering where your hummers are, check here. It seems like, contrary to popular thought, they are on time this year, a few days earlier than last. Have you seen one yet?

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