Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have to post something so I don't fall into the negligent blogger category...... but I can't be 100% open about all the exciting stuff that is going on in our life right now! (No, I'm not pregnant) So, know that life is crazy busy, hectic and exciting all at once.

We did get to spend about 4 hours with Harris yesterday as they all came through on their way to Philly to see Scott's parents for Easter. That was really wonderful but I am sad because he's growing up so fast. He can say just about anything he wants to and if he doesn't know what you're talking about, he just acts like he doesn't care! He is boldly declaring that "Uncle Jules is #1" which has been a goal of our since he was born, though in his world #8 is the most fun so he also declares that "Boy is #8!"

Nothing else to report, I suppose, but life is moving along like we had hoped it would. :)


  1. What!!! I didn't know you had a blog or I would've been following you! Hooray for knowing now!

    I feel like I have been enlightened by your comment. :)

    And I noticed you have my button and want to give you a hi-five. Lol.

    Is your big news that you are moving to California? :)

  2. I wish it were that I were moving to California! That would be great!!