Friday, January 13, 2012

Negligent Blogger - That's me.

So I suppose I bit off more than I could chew with this whole, moving 4.5 hours away from everyone I know, buying and keeping a new house, getting a new job and generally starting everything but my marriage from scratch! Whew!

It's been a bit over a year and a half that we've been in Morgantown and its nice. The shock has worn off and we are starting to run into people we know when we go out places. I had hoped this blog would serve as a journal of this season of life, and it is probably a good thing the first year was left out. I was so very homesick and stressed. Morgantown is a place that takes some getting used to and I wasn't 100% on board at first - but here we are. It is our home!

More to come in the coming days - best luck to me to keep this up!

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  1. Listen write it and I will read it!