Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spotted fawns

I got a text with this picture from Julian this morning while I was at work. What a special treat. It seems its spotted fawn season for everyone
Now, I'm 30 years old and I like to think I know some stuff, but it is so nice that in each season, every year, I learn more and become more aware of the world around me - things that have always been there but I've never noticed. I know fawns have spots. I've never realized that June and July is the season for fawns to have spots. I know that bucks have fuzzy antlers, but likewise, I never realized that now is the time for fuzzy bucks.
Just last night, Julian was sharing his thoughts on having a seasonal world view. Until winter of 2009, the Christmas of the great snow-in, whatever season coming 'round the bend was my favorite. I "just couldn't wait until..." whatever was next. Over the past few years, Julian and I have adopted a much more seasonal worldview and what a blessing it has been to enjoy something in the moment and not worry about what comes next. It helps you notice things you've never paid attention to before: birdsfoot trefoil is beautiful and all around us, baby birds - ugly little fledglings coming out for the first time,  the first of the growing seasons is done and the second is only beginning! It is so nice to look at seasons as something other than just weather. Summer is cherry season, spotted fawn season, 90-days-til-a-watermelon season.
What a wonderful season!


  1. Such a good reminder! Thanks.

  2. I agree with your sentiments Amanda. Nature Study in our home has really helped us to slow down and appreciate each season for it's unique beauty and offerings :o)I think February is the only time in the seasonal year when winter begins to tire my soul and I start longing for spring ;o)

  3. I love this season... and all seasons, and you're so right! Knowing - and anticipating the specialness of each season adds a real depth and richness to life. The fawns are just darling, by the way! :)