Monday, March 24, 2014


This weekend wore us out.
We hiked on Saturday morning to blue heron rookery. We were tight on time and had to turn back after walking longer than we'd planned and still not seeing the birds. Watch for falling rock. Julian just kept saying, "If you hear something crack, RUN!" Then the one time we heard/saw a rock fall from the cliff, we were both too in awe to do anything but watch.

My dear cousin, Natalie, for whom the blue and green dresden pillow was made, sent me a sweet card. She and I always go back and forth to see who sees the first bloom of spring, often a daffodil. I always do, and she always claims its because she's so far north, and she always is. When we were living in Blacksburg, she was in Morgantown, and now that we are in Morgantown, she is in Wooster, Ohio, poor gal.

We had our first lacrosse game of the year and a beautiful day for it. We won 16-2 and I didn't get a single picture. This just after I told Julian that I wasn't getting enough pictures of life. There was just too much to do. Forty-six teenage boys can be demanding.

Cookies on Sunday and I planned for an embroidery lesson for a friends daughter, but they must have forgotten because they never showed. There are worse things than having the house tidy for company but not having any and eating all the cookies yourself.

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  1. i'll take a tidy house and warm cookies any day ;-)

  2. mmmm cookies....spring sports are starting and yet the weather isn't very spring like here. Hopefully we will get a warm up soon! lovely weekend!

  3. I don't know- a clean house for any reason is a huge (and unusual) plus in my book!