Sunday, April 6, 2014


Good weekend. We grilled, we gardened, we sat on the couch and did nothing. We had a lacrosse victory (21-1- ouch, sorry, kind of, but not really). We celebrated at the local diner and even got dessert - blackberry cheesecake.

We got our first dead/dying plants from Lowe's. Violas, an azalea and a leyland cypress = $7.75
I positively LOVE violas. How long until I can plant them out? Our lows are still pretty cool at night.

Took the kayaks out fr the first time this year. Beautiful weather, beautiful water.

My bags are packed for Texas (Houston) tomorrow. Two days of work, one day for friends. My dearest college friend is in labor with her first as I type this, so prayers please for her, and for me as I travel, and that everything works out that I can see her while I am there (she's in Fort Worth). Thanks! Will update from hill country!

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  1. What a great weekend! I got some planting done (just seeds) too. It's too early for flowers yet. Congrats on the lacrosse win! I will keep your friend in my prayers for a safe delivery.

  2. what a fun weekend! hope you have fun visiting your friend and all goes well with her baby to be :)