Monday, July 7, 2014

A lovely long weekend

I love love love July 4th. We have always gone home for it, no matter where we are. When I was growing up, my dad's side of the family would get together at my aunts house - they had a pool. We would swim and swim, eat and eat (the uncles smoked salmon and turkey while we played) and because of the landscape, we were out in the country but could still see the city fireworks from there. Then, we would howl and hoot at the cornucopia of fireworks to set off in the driveway, sparklers all around. 

The trees have grown tall over the past 20 years and now, from 'the brick house,' you can only see the very highest of the fireworks that are set off from VMI. I think this was the first year we did not gather there. It was still sweet time, despite the change. 

It is nice to have some things remain the same throughout the change - this was the 18th year of the town balloon rally. Up they go at 6am. Out we run - in pajamas, bare feet, hair sticking up. They didn't come close this year, but that was OK. 

momma's bird nest :: daddy's garden :: boys playing bocce :: froggy flute fountain :: morning mist :: quilt show with mom :: Julian :: last time up

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