Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Yarn Along} New ideas

My current project is a gift for my sister (from whom I apparently stole the ruler) and she is about half the size of a ladybug, so I think when it is a full 20 inches at the point, it will be well to her hip. So as I am nearing the end of my redwoods shawl (a matter not of "if" but "when") there is only one thing to do.... decide what's next on the needles. I am trying hard to keep only one yarn project going at a time so I don't have a graveyard of WIPs come Christmas. I have a fair bit of yarn that needs using and 'tis the season to be thinking about yarn-y Christmas gifts.

Here are a few pins I found and like. What do you think?
Jeweled Cowl

I'm still reading James Herriot and loving it (44 chapters take a while to get through)! This past Saturday, I went to my friend's BYOBook Club and got a few good suggestions:

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand (the two are unrelated)
Suite Francaise
Love in the Present Tense

Linking up with Ginny and throwing in a few random photos of our week.


  1. You take beautiful pictures! I espically love the last picture! Happy knitting! :)

  2. Very pretty shawl- the yarn is so pretty- I had to laugh at how you wrote her size( never heard that one before) - enjoy your knitting. Lovely images.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the Rustic Shrug!

  4. The shawl is looking so pretty. I really like that Rustic Shrug. I have been thinking about Christmas knitting too lately.

  5. gorgeous shawl!! And such pretty photos!!

  6. I think they made a movie of Miss Pettigrew and it was sweet - somehow didn't realize it was a book at the time when we saw it a few years ago! Your shawl is lovely and that brioche hat is sweet too! We love James Herriott here although I have mainly read the illustrated short stories to my children and haven't read the chapter books on my shelf yet!

  7. Love your sister's shawl, aren't you a sweetie to knit it up :) I read the second book on your list and did like it.

  8. I love your sister's shawl. Of the future projects you posted I like the cowl best.

  9. Hello!

    Beautiful knitting and gorgeous photos.
    Wishing you a good weekend.