Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Our weekend was a good and wintry one. The snow fell almost constantly, though never really accumulated. We went for a bird-seeking nature walk through the botanic garden and ended up being able to see almost all the same birds in the peace and warmth of the car after an hour and a half walking in the 29F weather. Sunroof birding, I'm a fan.

We made authentic german strudel, to which I will devote an entire post, and a delicious batch of chili we enjoyed Saturday, Sunday, and today. I accidentally dumped in a heaping helping of dry rub, thinking it was chili seasoning. Julian said it was some of the best chili he'd ever had! It was also the first time I've used my home canned chili base and I was very happy with it!

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  1. what a perfect weekend! Sounds relaxing and I love the tree art :)