Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vacation, day one.

It's Saturday and the long awaited first day of Thanksgiving vacation. The university is closed W-F of next week, but I took M-T as leave. We woke up at 9am. We ate muffins and cookies and leftover pecan pie. We tried to watch football but the networks disappointed. At least, at this point, Tennessee is winning.

I wrapped some of the first Christmas presents so we can take them home this coming week and stash them under the trees of others and out of our way. I worked a bit on my embroidery, which is so near to being finished that I am almost sad to see it come to an end. And we made taffy. Strawberry. Its kind of weird but oh, so very taffy-ish, so I take it as a success. All in all, a pretty lazy day and just what the doctor ordered.

(Psst... it's our little secret that Julian has officially declared that we have experienced a "dusting". I feel that by saying it loudly, I am jinxing the weather. I wish so hard it would be 6" of snow by the morning, hey,
a girl can dream.)

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  1. lovely start of a school break! I wish we had a dusting of snow. Maybe tomorrow!! Love your stitching :)