Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remnants of a party.

I hosted a long awaited baby shower for a friend who is eagerly anticipating her long awaited baby boy. The party was a great motivator to get some of those tasks done around the house that always get neglected: dusting the ceiling fan, wiping down the baseboards, etc.

I had about 20 people on the list and I ended up very glad that not everyone came. The house was full. It was hot. I had the windows open. The food ran low. There weren't enough pens to go around. And it was perfectly lovely, nevertheless. But, it never occurred to me to snap one single photo to document the occasion for myself. Before I knew it, the dust had settled and I was left with the remnants. I was absolutely exhausted and I found myself wandering the house like a private investigator - "yes, this must have been a veggie tray at one point... there was, indeed, a party here... women - not men...oh, for a baby boy..."

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