Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ice Flow

We got about an inch and a half of rain overnight on Wednesday this week and, coupled with snow melt, it caused some substantial flooding. As a secondary issue to the flooding, there was an insane ice flow at Cheat Lake, which has been frozen over now for almost two months.

I came through on my way to work at 10am and didn't notice anything amiss. By noon, the ice had broken free and was taking the docks from the marina with it. I've never seen anything like it in my life. It was as if the ice were being carried on the backs of whales, being tossed and shoved about, like they were playing water polo... angrily! My pictures do not capture the magnitude or the speed. In the picture with the interstate bridge, note the 18-wheeler for scale.

The picture with the green sign on the ground shows one of the parking lots where we go to bird. The ice there is stuck on some railroad ties that form an embankment about four feet above the normal level of the lake at this point.

The final photo was take around 4pm, when the bulk of the ice had broken free and allowed the flood waters to flow freely (and fast). Fortunately, I don't think any harm was done to people or homes in this spot, though I know  we're not out of the woods, yet! In like a lion...

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  1. Oh my! I just love all the snow photos, but then you see it can do this too. Not so gentle and lovely looking now!