Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yarning Right Along

hello, clementine :: knitting yellow through yellow stained glass
the works in progress :: last week's best sunset :: the new dining room

I wanted to do a podcast video tonight {Tuesday, 1:48am} while Julian was in the shower - you know, in between rolling up the cheese ball and getting the last coat of paint on the dining room. Julian thought maybe tonight just wasn't the night for a podcast. Smart man. Besides, if you're in the US, you'd have to hide in the bathroom and watch it on your phone anyhow.

So I'm knitting a zillion things. After all that thinking I did putting together last week's post, the ideas just kept coming out of nowhere and now I have - let me count - five projects on the needles and the bandana cowl is finished and sitting in the to-be-blocked pile. Its a pile now, the blocking I have to do.

Reading? The only reading here is of recipes and paint cans. How about yourself?
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  1. I like the many projects you've got on the needles :) I would not be away that late in the night...

  2. I love the photo of your yarns and projects! So pretty.

    All your photos are lovely and the dining room is very pretty and cheery!

  3. Such pretty colors Amanda. I'm looking forward to another podcast!

  4. love the colors of the sunset theme! too pretty....and a great way to celebrate the end of Fall

  5. So many projects! Just working away here on cleaning and food prep too! Happy thanksgiving to you!

  6. My blocking pile is growing like crazy, too. And why I cast on another new project? The son-in-law in Scotland needs a beanie, that's why! :) I didn't need a new project, but I couldn't help myself...

    Your yarn colors and your sunset photo match!
    xo Lisa

  7. I do love a good pile of WIPs - lovely colours, yours. Perfect paint in your dining room - hope you enjoyed it during your Thanksgiving celebrations!