Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Swap Is in the mail

Something for cooking, something for caring, something for crafting.

Argh! I love doing these swaps but this time, the timing was all off. I had a big work deadline this week so I spent lots of time on that.

Inside my swap parcel, I put this little hedgehog pincushion, a cross stitched/embroidered tea towel, three covered buttons the I made from my Liberty scraps, and a bar of my homemade soap.

Let me tell you - those buttons were hard to let go of. They were beautiful and I kept touching them, rolling them around in my hand like marbles. This was the first time I'd ever made fabric covered buttons and it worked so well. I am hooked. I just kept imagining them on a homemade sweater for my swap-ee's little girl (though I can't imagine she wears many in SoCal). Dress! Buttons on a dress.

The pincushion... she never told me her name. Either I was too busy or she was too shy. I hope my swap-ee has enough quiet in her home to work that one out.

I can't wait to see what she thinks!


  1. Everything is so nice! Your swap partner will be so lucky!

  2. Amanda I love the package you sent out! And, as the previous recipient of your goodies, I can say I'm quite sure she will love them too ;) I'm using the second bar of soap that came in my February package now. mmmmm mmmmmmmmm it smells wonderful!