Monday, September 15, 2014

Another week...

Back at the beginning of August, Julian said, "You just watch - the next year is going to fly by like nothing else." He's been so right so far. Here it is another Monday, and before you know it, Friday will be here, like so many weeks that were August, September. Without my knowing it, October will have come and gone.

The weeks are, each one, like a giant to-do list. We check those things off and keep it moving. The pleasantness of flexible summer days is gone - there is no time to be flexible. The work must get done and the dark of each night comes sooner and sooner to close out each day.

Little think'st thou, poor flower,
Whom I've watch'd six or seven days,
And seen thy birth, and seen what every hour
Gave to thy growth, thee to this height to raise,
And now dost laugh and triumph on this bough,
Little think'st thou,
That it will freeze anon, and that I shall
To-morrow find thee fallen, or not at all.
- from The Blossom, John Donne

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