Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rock Candy Shawl

I started this shawl, ripped it out because I felt it looked sloppy, and started again with modifications. I still don't like the very beginning - it is knobby and curling - do you know of a great way to start a shawl? This pattern did not use a garter tab but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the garter tab I used in my calico/redwoods shawl, so I am at a loss.

I have started reading Marilynne Robinson's Home. My friend, Devon, read it when it first came out, she said it was good but weird and that I could take my time about reading it. She loaned me her copy which was then stolen from my office. She wasn't very upset, so I figured it wasn't worth finding a replacement or reading the book.

Now with Lila out and getting good reviews, I figure it is time I make myself familiar with Robinson and her work. I've got the book on audio and to say that the narrator's voice is a bit grating is an understatement. I am soldiering on, though. I haven't finished a book on over a month, so I've got to buckle down!

What are you knitting/reading? Show and tell with Ginny.

PS - In other news, it snowed.


  1. Well, I don't know the answer to starting a knitted shawl, but I do think the yarn is lovely. I would just try again... wishing you well with your project! :) Pretty snow!

  2. don't worry on how the beginning looks because once you soak and block it everything will be perfect!! Love the colors and the muted tones :)