Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We're going to make it. Really, we will. With our move to Virginia one week away, we have both been feeling a little frazzled. We have done a really good job at pre-packing and pre-moving, so we have most everything that needs to go already in the basement. On loading-the-truck-day, we won't have to be up and down the stairs all day, and that certainly helps.

When we weren't packing, we were watching the Volvo Ocean Race come to a close. We have followed these teams of athletes around the world, literally, and every day for the past nine months we've watched the coverage. Now it's over. We need a new hobby - a new distraction - something that will help us take our minds off the fray.

All of our days are just melting together, but that was our weekend: packing, moving furniture, eating MORE frozen pizza, watching sailing, packing, repeat. How was yours?


  1. Virginia is such a beautiful state!! I'm a little jealous of your move, but not the work that goes into a move. =)

  2. may you have a safe uneventful move :) I hope you show lots of photos of your new environment (garden, kitchen etc..).