Thursday, January 7, 2016

Self-Care Redux

Just after writing my January post, I hopped over to one of my favorite blogs and read this. I recommend that you read it too, as it is the inspiration for this new post and a bit less higgledy-piggledy approach to my January.

1. Find a new dentist and go. (Major, life-altering hurdle.)
2. Find a new optometrist and go. (Just made the appointment. I chose the office in town that has birdfeeders for patients to watch from the waiting room. Both genius and cruelly ironic at the same time.)
3. Establish care with a local doctor.
4. Stop putting off simple things just because I hate the phone. Stressing about calling the chimney sweep is MORE harmful than actually just doing it.
5. Sweat every day.
6. Do a yard chore every day - feeling like my plants are out of control or perishing causes me a bizarre amount of turmoil. (As does fending off the vermin.)
7. Finish more projects than I start.
8. Greens and grains, daily.
9. Keep mindfully making.
10. Learn to be OK with a list just having nine things instead of ten.


  1. I hate the phone, too! I will go through all kinds of twists to avoid using it or answering and it is more stressful than just facing it and getting it over with.

    I also need to go see the dentist.

    Thanks for the push. Now to talk myself into making that call....maybe on Monday. ;-)

  2. Ha! my kids hate being on the phone and will NOT call unless the world is ending or it's a call to me :) I will send well wishes to your dentist visit (I found a gem of a guy and dread when he retires....)

  3. I read this and think, "We are living the same life. We are (almost) the same person." Especially 4. But I guess not 6, because Kenton does the plants (though I have paper whites! And an amaryllis! And a poinsettia that's still alive!). And 5 comes without my having to think about it, because hot flashes. (Does that mean when you turn 39 you don't have to exercise?)

    1. Neither hot flashes nor curling up like a cat in front of the fire will work for this one. Hot flashes? Really?

  4. I love your list, and I love the added commentary to numbers 2 and 6- you crack me up. makes me want to come visit and laugh with you. also- I feel honored that you called my little space one of your favorites. so sweet. I clicked on the link thinking "what will this be?" and then laughed and smiled.

    I too am trying to be more committed about taking care of myself and keeping up with appointments and such. I turned 35 last September and dangit- I am FEELING my body age now in ways I hadn't before. harrumph.

  5. Love that you forced a #10. :)