Wednesday, January 6, 2016


an illustration from the picture book Pockets by Jennifer Armstrong

On the needles:

Conversationalist - Three inches of K1P1 rib is about to kill me. I post on Instagram each time I "make progress" and the pictures all just look identical. This hat is made from stash yarn leftover from the peach and red fingerless mitts I made in the fall.

Evie's Shawl - Idle. Need to wrap this baby up... 8 rows I think.

Snail Tea Cozy - I was just looking at this project on my Ravelry and I really need to get back to it. It is going to look so wonderful when it is finished! I have this problem with impulse projects. When I just decide I'm going to do something on a whim, the impetus to finish them is gone with the original mood to start them. Once I set it down, it is doomed. This is to sweet of a project to let linger longer.

You can find pictures and details of these projects on my Ravelry Projects Page.

In the queue: 

Vintage Crocheted Blanket - Well it HAS finally gotten a wee bit cold outside, for a little while. I'm thinking of knocking the rust off the ol' crochet hooks and giving this little deary a go. I've been collecting Paton's Classic Wool in several different colors for a while, so this is technically from stash.

What I'm reading: 

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson is a true delight. I am only a wee bit in but already the whimsy has me captivated. This is a perfect book for reading aloud to most anyone except those who suffer from taking themselves too seriously. In fact, I may or may not pretend I am reading it aloud as I read it to myself in my head. You never know. 

 At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen is getting twisty and unpredictable and I'm liking it! I hope that unpredictability continues beyond the moral conflict I can sense creeping in. I'd really hate to have to get on my soapbox about this one. I will be sure to keep you posted. I'm sure I'll be finished by the next podcast. Speaking of which...

The next podcast

We are wrapping up winter break here for the mister so I need about ten more days to get life back in order before we pick up where we left off with the podcast before Christmas. I've learned so many good things and cannot wait to share with you! In the meantime, you  can check out the old ones if you haven't gotten the chance and follow along with life on Instagram.

What are you knitting and reading? Show and tell with Ginny and the others!


  1. I find myself having to fight the impulse knits or mine would be doomed too. I am so sad my Follow Me Shawl is still hanging around. I just need more time to knit, but these guys of mine like to eat daily, live in a clean home and have clothes to wear, the nerve!

  2. we still have winter break for another two weeks :) My son just left and my husband has to go in once in a while but school doesn't start just yet (yay!!).

  3. I am so glad you're reading On the Edge and liking it! It's a little bit different. Not for everyone, you know? Glad we've got in common that it's for us. :)

  4. Enjoy the winter break while it lasts. Looking forward to the next podcast!

  5. Ditto the comment from Tracey above - life just keeps getting in the way of my creating! Looking forward to seeing your vintage afghan :-)