Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yarn Spree

I generally never buy yarn except for a super special project or at a big box store with a half off coupon. Most of my really lovely yarns have been bargain bin buys from my LYS in Morgantown or given to me as gifts. This yarn purchase was quite the exciting splurge for me.

Watch the podcast all about it here: 


Dream Bird Shawl
Mens Heavy Mittens (this pattern isn't working well for me so I am winging it and taking notes)


Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Raven
Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in Red Velvet, Weather Vane, and Fog Bank
Cascade 220 Heather and Shire
Lettlopi in Oatmeal and Chocolate
Cascade Heritage Paints Sock in Cherry Berry (discontinued but click here for color)

Stay tuned for more on what's on my needles and my FOs in the next podcast! Until then, catch up with me on Instagram (MrsDymacek) and Ravelry (Bobanda).


  1. Kind of jealous of all the yarn purchases. Are you making a website for the Yarn Barn? I want to check them out too, once I am in Farmville area.

    1. I did -- Yarn Barn already has a website ( a bit out of date, but functional). The Yarn Barn is about 25 minutes out into the country past Farmville, would love to take you if you have the time!

    2. Yes, please and thank you! I am taking a whole day off that Saturday!

  2. "Birders are crazy people." Classic. I finally had a chance to listen, lovely having a conversation with you, you're very natural :-)

  3. I have been sitting here at the kitchen table drinking hot tea and knitting, listening to your podcast and I just wanted to say thank you. As I try to find a new normal now that my mother in law is gone my mornings have been a bit lonely and today it felt like you were right here with me which was so nice.
    Much love.