Friday, February 19, 2016

Poisonwood Bible RAL - Week 3 Discussion

The artwork above is from a collection of paintings in an exhibition that opened in June 2015: 53 Echoes of Zaire. The theme of the exhibition centers on the casual brutality that plagued the people of Congo at the hand of Belgian nationals.


I hit a wall with the Revelation and Bel and the Serpent sections. I admit it. It seemed the family's situation went from bad to worse and the plot dragged on. But much changed quickly in Exodus...what did you think?

1. Did you feel the same way about the previous sections? What inspired you to keep reading?

2. Rachel Price Axelroot. Were you surprised? Discuss.

3. What bothered you most about this section?

4. Which character was your favorite?

5. Talk about Anatole.

In addition to the book, I gained a great deal of perspective from additional reading. It is very interesting to me to learn the true extent of the situation in Congo while the Price family remained largely unaware/unaffected.

The Congo Crisis of 1960-1964 : wikipedia
United Nations Operations in the Congo: link

Reading Schedule:

Feb 1-7: Genesis, Revelation
Feb 8-14: Judges, Bel and the Serpent
Feb 15-21: Exodus (changed)
Feb 22-29: Song of the Three Children, The Eyes in the Trees

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  1. I am still in Bel and Serpent, but hope to get in some more reading time now that {fingers crossed} there aren't any more funerals on my to attend list, a mother in law and an aunt are enough!