Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book Review - Easter Blessings

Well hello, March! Welcome back.

The past two days have been downright balmy. Though today is a bit more nippy, we can all tell that spring is just around the bend. And with spring comes jelly bean season!

I was in the store last night and couldn't figure out what the trick-or-treat buckets were doing out this time of year. It turns out it isn't enough to get a chocolate bunny, a new dress, and some crinkly plastic grass. Now we have monstrous action hero buckets capable of holding "all their favorite brands" of goodies. I rolled my eyes and resisted my own favorite brands as I navigated the rest of my mediocre shopping experience -- Starburst jelly beans, anyone?

This made me even more excited that I got a copy of The Berenstain Bears' Easter Blessings by Mike Berenstain to review for Worthy Publishing. This book continues to build upon the great childhood legacy of these famous bears, as Mike crafts new stories - and new lessons - after taking over the role of author from his late parents. 

The board book opens with the Bear family enjoying breakfast on Easter Morning. The blessing is said and the meal is enjoyed, then the grandparents arrive with baskets of goodies for Brother, Sister, and Honey. The kids are delighted, but the grandparents state that church is the priority on Easter Morning and no treats will be enjoyed until afterward. 

On the way to church, the Bear family counts their blessings and at the end of the book a very simple Gospel message is shared by Preacher Brown. This sweet book is a classic introduction to Easter for any toddler, with the same charming characters and bright illustrations I recall from my own childhood Berenstain Bear books. I hope that a great many of your little ones' Ironman Easter barrels have this book lovingly tucked inside!

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  1. wow! how wonderful! I am so glad for such a Christian book being written! and now days!!