Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bitty Shawl

This is my only FO to talk about... well, it was off the needles before this but I only just made peace with the blocking part. It is the Emerald City Shawlette from Jimmy Beans Wool done on #6 needles with only one strand of Lion Brand Amazing in Mauna Loa.

I steam blocked it unforgivingly with my iron and a boat load of pins, as it is half wool, half acrylic. Its points could be a bit pointier, but considering that my target audience is a toddler (and the bind off was a wee bit tight), I think it is very Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way. It will go into the mail, very delayed, along with two other packages tomorrow. I just love snail mail.

In other news, I've just undertaken the assignment of hosting my first family holiday this Easter. I hope to have my parents, brother and possibly my sister and brother-in-law. While they aren't expecting a big to-do, I am a big-to-do kind of girl and so I've got the long list written and 12 days to accomplish my mission of getting the house as ship-shape as a work in progress can be.

That said, I don't know what knitting and reading may get done over the next two weeks but I'm hoping it will at least be something share-worthy. What are you working on?

Show and tell with me and other knitty friends over at Small Things.


  1. Love the colors in this shawl and the sweet lace detail! I need to be doing the same thing around here. We host Easter at our house!

    1. Forgot to add what I am working on....I am going to be doing the picot bind off on the Winter Wander shawl soon. Right now I am contemplating it and working on the toe of a plain sock. :)

  2. So pretty in natural light! Great job, Amanda!

  3. So pretty in natural light! Great job, Amanda!

  4. it's fun, hosting dinners! that is a very dear shawl!

  5. lovely shawl and yay for family visiting :) You are going to have fun!

  6. It blocked out great and I think you nailed it on the colorway, I love it.
    I am a go big kind of girl too when it comes to get together's so just remember to exhale and have fun!

  7. I love your little shawl. That yarn is just beautiful. Good luck with the Easter feast. I have made every holiday feast for my family of 8 for more that 10 years. You get used to it and someday it it gets easier....I hope.

  8. Oh Amanda - that shawl is darling. Lucky recipient! I wish you luck and joy with your Easter preparations, enjoy every minute of your special family time.