Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yarn Along, in slow motion

Woot! It's yarn along day and I actually knew it before Thursday. The time has been zoom-zooming by and we've been caught in the whirling vortex of exhaustion otherwise known as vacation.

Now that May is behind us, we can settle in and find a new routine. We've gotten the wanderlust out of our systems {maybe} and life is getting sorted, full checklist style. In addition to the checklist, I'm hosting a KAL. Yep. Because I need more things to not get done when I'm supposed to!

This KAL has been, let's say "premeditated." It is premeditated in that I did think about it a wee bit before jumping in with both feet, but it is not meticulously planned with two weeks lead in time to give you a chance to find all the perfect items to aid in a successful KAL experience. Like murder. I thought about it long enough to decide to do it, but it might not be a great idea just now. Please, just roll with me here.

Basically, in my last episode of the podcast, I said I wanted to knit two-at-a-time socks. Then the lovely Lorelei said she wanted to do the same but toe-up, and suggested we do it together. I was stalling because I hadn't the proper needles, but then fate smiled on me and I found just what I needed in an old tin at an antique mall. And BANG! A KAL was born.

The two-at-a-time KAL will run June 1 - July 31 (That means, start TODAY). If you would like to join in, you can find all the details in my Ravelry group. If not, that's fine, too and Lorelei will win all my prizes. She won't mind that one bit.

So why is there a set of DPNs in the photo above? As I've been spending an insane amount of time in bed these past two days, nursing my ailing back, it occurred to me that I might want to do a swatch since I'm using brand new needles and yarn that I've never tried before, too. The resulting fabric was floppy and see through, not at all what I need it to be for a good pair of socks. So, Amazon to the rescue and in two day's time I will have a circular size 0 instead of this size 1.5. So I've started this tippy toe f my first toe up sock on these trusty lil' DPNs and will transfer them when the other needle comes.

Won't you join me?


I'm listening to Come Rain or Shine by Jan Karon in audio, and to be honest, it is falling a bit flat for me. It all seems rather drawn out and repetitive. Why is the book so long? Just tell me about the wedding already!

In "real life" I am trying to wrap up the Poisonwood Bible, and I am hopeful that the story doesn't get any worse. It is already worse than I can bear, hence the three month hiatus. Really. People. So mch sadness.

And in really real life, I'm reading two borrowed books {from Nailya} about knitting history and shawl techniques. Both are fascinating if you can get over the fashion faux pas of the late 1900's: Knitting Around the World and Shawls and Scarves.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Poisonwood Bible, I had been looking at that on Overdrive, but so much sadness is not what I need this summer! I love the idea of your KAL. I have a request for a pair of short socks... hmm, I might join you!

  2. I loved the sadness of that book!! it was awesome, but it was drudgery to get through it...Oh well, you can say you read it and be done with it and then start something light and fluffy.

    praying for your ailing back (I've been there many times.....). hugs :)

  3. i'm a crazy sock knitter, but also an old dog who LIKES dps!!! I'll cheer on your KAL, but sadly won't be joining you. (Although, I do have two prs on the needles at the moment!)

  4. I loved the J. Karon book! but I read it (which I think you can do at a fast speed than listening?) ... I felt it was a wonderful joyous book!

  5. Poisonwood Bible is pretty intense, but the writing is truly amazing. I hope you are able to finish it, but don't torture yourself!

  6. I'm a week late. Okay PW Bible - I felt there was some closure at the end in some way. Just so you know that that may be ahead (I wonder if others feel that way). I really found it an amazing book. I felt like I had a much bigger picture of Africa. I was angry and sad as I read it but also amazed at Kingsolver's writing. I think I just plowed through to the end because I wanted it over. If I hadn't found it worth reading I would have just stopped.
    I don't know if I could listen to Jan Karon in audiobook format. I have liked what I've read but it seems like it might lose something.
    I'm hopping over to see your KAL, I missed it last week!