Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yarn Along - A giveaway!


I'm convalescing today -- and not in a knitty way -- with a bee sting between two of my knuckles and one on my wrist. Let me tell you one thing - swollen knuckles feel about as good as they look. Bad.

So I am reading and spending way too much time zapping my brains on the internet. Nevertheless, lots of yarn-y goodness is still happening. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Lisa from Happy In Dole Valley on a pattern design that uses one of my hand dyed yarns! The pattern launches today on Etsy and Ravelry AND we are hosting a giveaway with Carrie from Stolen Minutes on Instagram.

Anyone who purchases a skein of my Duplicity yarn can get Lisa's Viridescent pattern for half off. Do please check it all out! I promise you will be glad you did!

For those who are joining my from Ginny's blog, I am still reading and still loving both Last Woman Standing and Gap Creek. I like knowing how the Wyatt/Josephine story ends in this case, so I don't have to fear disappointment. With Gap Creek my anxiety that the plot will burst into theoretical flames and burn in an inferno (whoops, no spoilers intended) before becoming dead to me is ever present. Is it impossible to just like a book anymore without it having to have some heart wrenching, devastating turn? Ah. That reminds me. Almost finished with Call the Midwife {the book} and it is lovely as ever, so there. My hope in contemporary literature has been restored. Almost.


  1. I hope your bee stings get better soon and that you are blissfully knitting away once more :)

  2. Oh no! Hope your stings get better fast! Love your pictures and yarn!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bee stings! My husband was mowing the lawn this past weekend and was stung 4 x!! He hadn't been stung since he was a kid. Hope your Thursday is lovely. Just found your blog - love your yarn and hope to use it soon.