Thursday, April 17, 2014

Making and listening

The crafting and baking have been a bit slow. It seems Julian and I can never catch up. Not enough hours in the day... I hope this weekend at home in Virginia will be just what we need to unwind.

Last night, I finished up listening to Major Pettigrew's Last Stand on audiobook and started Julia Child's My Life in France. I was able to get house chores done - kitchen floor mopped, dishwasher run and emptied, house plants looked after - and it felt more of a relief to do those things than it did work. If life is untidy, having the house more in order always makes us feel better.

I baked some of these hot cross buns while I was at it. They really are so wonderful, any time, with an dried fruit you've got. I make them for baby showers, holidays, Saturdays - any reason I can come up with. We ate too many of them last night at 10pm, piping hot and melting the peach jam down our hands. Julian always says, "They will never taste this good again!"

In the crafting department, since knitting is on hold until at least tomorrow (road trip), I have decided to start my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. Julian gifted the book to me many moons ago and I browse and admire it often, but always shy away from the momentous task. My aunt Lois had a great idea (and I had thought of it before but maybe I just needed her affirmation) to just pick my favorite 12 blocks and make them double-sized, 13 inches instead of 111 6.5 inch blocks. So, that's my plan of action. I've started here by EPPing the Night & Day block. I absolutely adore this black fabric with the oranges and part of the reason I've stalled on this so long is because I am always afraid to cut into fabrics that I love. I'm a whopping 1/8th of the way done with the block, so that will need some attention this next week if it is going to get finished. I'd like to do one block per month, by hand, not machine.

What are you making and listening to? Joining Dawn Suzette.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Yarn Along} baby screams

 Lacrosse continues to go well - and take up all our time - despite the absolutely frigid weather for much of our region last night. We were pelted with sleet and snow while we sat out in the ice-covered stands, watching our boys defeat the team that was ranked #1 in the state, 14-2. You can tell Julian's face is totally frozen stiff in this clip. We celebrated with some free IHOP at 9pm.

To be honest, my hitchhiker hasn't gotten out of the luggage from last week's trip to Texas. While I was there in the hospital room with my friend Amy and baby Evie, I sat down to get some knitting done. Against my own advice, I stopped midway through a row when Evie opened her eyes for the first time that day. She'd been very sensitive to light and everyone thought she'd had a doozie of a headache from the 35 hours of labor, so the eyes were slow to make their appearance. I put my knitting down and grabbed my phone {camera} to get a picture with her beautiful eyes open. BOTH of us were completely traumatized when the FLASH WENT OFF! Gasp! Shrieks of terror! It was completely automatic (both the flash and the shrieks), I certainly didn't expect it to do anything at all. I didn't even know my phone HAD a flash. Both mom and dad were resting until this point and, unless they read this post, will never know what happened and how it is all my fault. Evie's daddy got her settled down and I sat down to resume my quiet harmless knitting when one of the needles slipped completely out. I didn't have the nerve for fixing it and still it remains in the bag, unfurling as I type. Ugh.

Things on the reading front are much better than knitting. I am almost finished with Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and I am enjoying it immensely. It is a gentle story, but it is not shallow. It addresses many things - racism, class-ism, religion, marriage, mourning, abortion, greed, etc. - in a way that makes you ponder but without creating emotional residue that lingers after you walk away.

Next up on my list is My Life in France by Julia Child. The audio books are working well for me, so long as I can keep my phone charged. I still am waiting on The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Society and The Paris Wife, which are both on hold for me when they become available. It feels so good to be "reading" again. It's like starting laundry for me, it is a passive sort of accomplishment to listen and clean the kitchen or drive somewhere. It makes me feel so very accomplished to be doing two things at once without task one losing out to the other.

What are you crafting and reading?

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