Friday, February 20, 2015

Frozen Fruit

For what must be the 54th time this week, the kettle is on.

We went out looking for birds this morning in 5F and were rewarded with a new one for our year: the red-breasted merganser. Mergansers are, undoubtably, my favorite waterfowl. They are stunning.

Stone Fruit Slump in
Rustic Fruit Desserts
Anyhow, as we prepare for company next weekend and I consider our menu plan, I am faced with a conundrum. For generations we country folk have been taught to prepare for winter and the season we are now entering into - the hungry gap - because you only eat what you grow and harvest and preserve to eat. Last summer, I put up peaches, blueberries, and rhubarb in the freezer and in jars. But, after having had such an indulgent holiday season, the thought of baking a cake, cobbler, or pie seems downright irresponsible! This is the time of year we should be surviving on well sugared preserved and turnip soup. But we aren't hungry. We aren't even skinny. In fact, we could both stand to go a little MORE hungry and be a little MORE thin than we are. But what about the fruit?

Before I know it, fresh rhubarb will be poking its pink head from the ground. Then I certainly won't be going to my freezer for last year's harvest. So I suppose we must entertain and by having people in the house {in-laws but also friends} bake away the carefully laid back fruit and thereby share and serve up a slice of summer for 450 calories a pop.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I find it rather ironic that on the one day I cannot muster the courage to go out in the yard to feed the birds, I am sitting at a computer on campus after having come in with Julian and will continue from here to work at the church. It was even a balmy 13F when I snapped this photo compared to yesterday's 4F. There was just something about our {reasonably meager} accumulation of snow that left me transfixed by the door. Nope. I'm not going out.

Less than and hour later, we were out... because unlike our dear friends in Virginia, we did not get enough to cancel anything and even if we had, nothing would have been cancelled anyway.

I hope you are inside, enjoying a good book, the kids' glee, a cup of cocoa. Enjoy an extra one for us.