Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yarn Along

The sweet friend for whom I am knitting the purple Elder Tree prayer shawl is due with her fourth baby on Dec. 2 but will be induced this Friday due to complications from BP/preeclampsia. It is her fourth baby and second round with preeclampsia so it's not a panic but it is a bit disheartening for her. This means I am monogamously knitting to "finish" that piece by Thursday morning and I am hopeful I can send it in her hospital bag come Friday. It is supposed to have about 12-13 leaves down the middle spine and I am currently at 10 1/2. Beth, if you're reading this, save room!!

I'm not reading much at the moment though I have started so many books! I am trying, as I knit, to catch up on lovely podcasts, Handmade and Woolen and Crafthouse Magic being two of my current favorites. There's also Meanwhile at the Castle still in my queue.