Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kitchen Notes

Its been a long week. We came home from our Thanksgiving travels one day earlier than we had to, hoping for a nice transition back into the swing of things. We got home Sunday night at 10pm and Julian said, "I hope I feel better in the morning than I do right now."

Sparing the details, today was his first day out of bed since then. Yesterday was his first "meal" since Sunday night {a little bit of pasta and some applesauce, if that counts as a meal} so needless to say, the kitchen has been pretty quiet this week.

The good news about having a no-appetite, cooking-smells-averse hubby for three days is the grocery stash I am accumulating because we aren't eating all that yummy stuff I stocked the pantry with on Monday. Once he gets his legs back under him for real, I'm going to celebrate by cooking... lots of cooking. I hope he can get back to speed quickly!

What's been happening in the heart of your home this week?

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