Sunday, June 1, 2014

nature all around us

With the beautiful weather, we've had a heavy dose of nature these past two weeks. Here's a look at our most recent excursions.

woodpecker evidence :: grass carp spawning, an amazing experience to behold (that's a big fish jumping in the photo) :: the end of the lake trail :: goose family :: lake sunset :: wee rhododendron :: first lady slipper of the season :: ghoulish tree :: love tree :: ravens rock :: don't look down :: the view from there (remember that picture) :: orchid colony like none other :: even more of them :: all day paddle trek :: tiger swallowtails (I couldn't pick up that trash without them flying away :( ) :: on cheat river looking up at ravens rock (that's why you were supposed to remember that other picture)

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos . We have a woodpecker and I've yet to get a photo, but one day watch out, I'll be ready!!