Monday, December 1, 2014

Behind the Pines

The Thanksgiving holiday was a long weekend for us - filled with too many hours on the road - but we logged hours visiting with siblings, parents and grandparents. Among many other activities, I got to tag along with Julian and his parents on a visit to my mother in law's homeplace. She is in the process of finalizing paperwork to have the timber clear cut so we went to have one last look at it.

It was a chilly afternoon, but a special time. The top two pictures show the meadow, affectionately known as "behind the pines," that will be opened up on all four sides by the clear cut. Having the company of three huge wild turkeys buoyed our spirits, especially since Julian and I are keen to implement a few strategies to bring back our native bobwhite quail and ruffed grouse to the land. Julian also has a dream that was shared by his late uncle to replace the dam that washed away 70 years ago and restore a thriving pond and wetland on the property.

There is something so wonderful about having the responsibility of caring for a piece of land. It's not about having more money in our pockets, it's not about progress. It's about preserving Julian's mother's heritage and being good stewards of God's creation. It's about cultivating nature for the enjoyment of our children and our children's children. It's about, no matter what may come through jobs or education, always having a place to call your home.


  1. beautiful! I grew up with a land awareness from my father. There is nothing like walking through woods and fields and being with nature.