Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GB 2014 - Beartown

Does gingerbread count as crafting? Well for today's purposes, it does! There is certainly a lot of keeping calm involved. 

As promised, here are our 2014 Gingerbread photos. We took about 3 years off from our tradition of GB making and got back to it full force this year. In years past, we have tried to make our gingerbread houses relevant in some way to our year. This past summer, we had a wonderful time camping in a cabin at Holly River State Park, and that was the inspiration for this year's house. 

We decided, since our friend the bear looked so at home, that it would be his home, so instead of a bear skin rug, we have a gingerbread man rug (ha, ha). You can see in the picture before we put the roof on that the table has fruit and a Swedish fish on it. There are also Swedish fish in the creek. 

Just for the fun of it, I am including our GB houses from the past. The 2009 one was a birdhouse but I don't seem to have a finished picture of it with the chickadee on the top... Do you think we have improved over the years? (I don't know, 2007 is hard to beat!)

Keep calm and craft on with Frontier Dreams and others!