Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter projects....

You see how I failed at photo documenting? Yes. So my Maggie Rabbit was a much anticipated project that I adored every moment of. I got the kit a few weeks back but not having a tremendous amount of experience in the blanket stitch and being a bit intimidate by the perfection of Alicia Paulson, I just looked at the kit for about two weeks straight. Then Julian said I better get to it if it was going to be done for Easter. It never even occurred to me to do it for Easter... and I had no idea how nicely it would come together. It was a pleasure start to finish. I had to borrow some #5 knitting needles from my MIL over the holiday so I will update with complete pictures in good time. 

Then after some inspiration from my newest favorite blog, I tried these tie-dyed eggs with mom. It was fun, but I think in the future I'll have a better idea of what kind of tie works. The colors need to be very bold and the tie of pretty nice quality. The one that worked best was a hand sewn tie from the mens store in town that had lived a good life and was found in Goodwill in tattered shreds. You can see the original 'Daniels' tag in the picture. 

So much fun. Nice to do projects just because you want to.

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  1. Amanda your Mags is totally darling!!!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed making her. (And those eggs are super cool, too!)