Wednesday, April 3, 2013

McCormick Farm

We went home this past weekend and I got to spend some quality time with my family on Saturday. Mom and I did craftsy type things and the boys worked on things around the house. In the afternoon, Julian joined us and we all went to McCormick's farm to walk the dog. They have a new nature trail there which we'd never seen and though we drive past it on a regular basis, its been years since Julian or I actually intentionally went to see the sights. It was nice.
Looking back towards the working part of the farm,
now owned and operated by Virginia Tech.

This was a honey bee tree, it really captivated
me - one of two holes from which bees were
busily buzzing.

Looking across the pond that Cyrus McCormick dammed
up to work his water wheel - this is more of the landscape
to which I am accustomed - rolling hills, not in-your-face
tree covered mountain. 

Same pond, different view. I could not determine if those
were duck boxes or bluebird boxes. 

Marl Creek - the same creek that ran through our farm when
we were growing up

Cyrus McCormick headstone 

The waterwheel to work the mill

The pond down by the house. 

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