Sunday, May 19, 2013


Yesterday was certainly a day to remember. Julian has been working as assistant coach/offensive coordinator for the local high school team since February. It all came to a peculiar finish yesterday with the West Virginia State Championship game. The University Hawks have had a good season so far and got a lot of media attention for their "powerhouse offense" putting up double digit scores on teams that only got a few goals themselves.

Local news coverage here.

Everyone was a bit nervous when it came to a head when the Hawks discovered last week that they would be playing their hometown rivals for the state title. It was off to a good start, and then came the rain... and the lightning. There was a total of about 90 minutes delay right before the halftime break thanks to an absolute deluge. Most of the fans left except for parents. I even went home and changed and came back without missing much.

It was a game made exciting by circumstances, but not really by action. That's a nice thing to be able to say - when you win a game 17-3, its only but so entertaining. I was glad to see that several different boys got multiple goals. I have more and better pictures on my camera, these are just the ones off the phone:

We were all glad for the outcome and glad to have this day nearing its end. The game started at 3:30pm and we left at 7:30pm (lacrosse games take and hour and a half, generally).  
Well done, University, and good job, Julian!

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