Monday, May 4, 2015

Family time

**This is a long overdue post about a wonderful weekend we got 
to spend celebrating my cousin's and my Grandmother's birthday 
(which is also our nephew's and Julian's Grandmother's birthday) 
in Pipestem State Park, West Virginia. **


This was the first time I'd made it to cousin Myra's new house, met her son, David Robert, and met Neil and Blair's son, Will. It's crazy how we all stay in touch so often on FB but we never seem to be in the same place at the same time... until this time! I suppose turning 85 is as good a reason as anyone to get the whole crowd out. I hadn't had any doubts that they were darling little boys, but now I know for sure. 

This occasion did not disappoint. It had all the usual features of our family gatherings: extensive porch sitting, a nature hike that lasted too long, super-photogenic Blair,  a monster cake laden with artificial food dyes, awkward photographs, and pine tar. What's not to love?! (except the pine tar)

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