Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kitchen Notes

I'd like to get back into the swing of posting my kitchen notes each week. Not much exciting is happening here with the packing up and moving, though. Frozen pizza for days.

I did manage honey butter and some blondies to keep us strong during the packing. While we didn't struggle to gobble them up, I was pretty perturbed that my recipes are packed already! One of the joys curses of the internet, though - a recipe is never too far away.

In other news, we've pulled up the rugs to show off our fancy floors that we've worked so hard to keep fancy for such a time as this. Now, let's all hope I make it to Sunday's Open House without bouncing the marble lazy susan off the hardwoods!



  1. Amanda! You are my pattern giveaway winner!
    Congrats, Lisa :)

  2. Oh, you won the pattern! Look forward to seeing it knitted up.
    All the best with the open house - the floors look amazing!