Monday, May 18, 2015

Pittsburgh, again

the sunken garden :: the desert room :: the baby victoria amazonica :: the 'down under' installation :: the long fellows in the orchid room :: the palm house :: julian, butterfly tamer

We took Julian's parents to Pittsburgh today so they could see all the places we'd enjoyed for the past five years. Usually, we make a day trip near the holidays, but there have been more than one mad dash to the Apple store during our time here in Morgantown. (And if you're going to drive and hour and a half for a new laptop battery, you might as well see the sights.)

We stopped in to IKEA where I picked up a wall storage set for the new house, went to Joann's and got new upholstery fabric for our dining room set, shopped through the best stores of The Strip District, and marveled at the greatness of Phipps Conservatory (one of our very favorite Pittsburgh spots).

It was a special day to go through these places knowing we might not ever make it back. We are both very ready to move on, but it is nice to remember the lovely times shared here.

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  1. I was born in Pittsburgh and only make it back once in a blue moon...we've lived in the Pacific NW for years and years, but I will always consider Pgh. my first home. :)