Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it summer yet?

Ugh... What a crazy three weeks it has been....

In addition to the copious amounts of snow I blogged about in Feb., shortly after the start of practice, the Blacksburg High School gym collapsed on itself. This had about 22 of our 34 players out of school for a week and now they are going to school at the Blacksburg Middle School from 2-7:15pm. You can only imagine the havoc this has wreaked on our schedule.

Games have been rescheduled for 8pm weeknight starts or weekends.practice is happening twice a day from 10-12noon for the kids who are not in school and 3:30-5:30 for the kids who are in school during normal hours. Julian is dead tired and we are a bit worn out from needing Plan C... ugh...Plan D? A few of the kids have quit already but the unfortunate thing is that because the games are rescheduled and the snow is still on the ground, we will be playing games with fewer kids than we had planned on having, when they haven't even seen lines on the field yet, or played together as one group.

On top of the craziness of lacrosse, I have transitioned into a new/old job. I am doing what I have been doing (major gifts fundraising) for the College of Agriculture four days a week and still for Vet Med but only one day a week. I have had a good three days of it so far and everyone in CALS is wonderful but I need prayers for endurance as these next few months will be very, very busy.

Cheer up, Charlie... right?

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