Friday, February 21, 2014

I hope she likes it!

My swap box is on its way to North Carolina. I wish I were, too. This is the collection of things I included, along with a note saying:

For your fire pit: some fire starters and a bundle of sage, cedar and lavender
For your friends: loose leaf teas to enjoy over a good chat
For your family: two of my favorite recipes
For your feet: lavender & eucalyptus salt soak
For your flock: a homemade flock block
For your fliers: a blend of bee-happy seeds from my garden
For when you're feeling foul: two bars of soap, one lavender & the other citrus spice

At the very end, I threw in two starts from my cactus that fell over. Another houseplant never did anyone harm, and I don't need six of the same one.


  1. What a wonderful collection! Someone in N. Carolina is a lucky gal. :)

  2. How could she not? That box sounds so "you!"

  3. what a fabulous gift! great work, i'm sure she will love it (i know i would) :)

  4. I bet she does :) Lovely stuff!!!!!

  5. I do! I do! I DO love it! I just got it when I got home from work~ thank you Amanda, for all of the thoughtful gifts. I can't wait to start using them. I'll start with the tea in the morning :)