Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Longing

Everyone said that they were there, under the snow. I didn't believe it because I hadn't seen the ground in a month. But sure enough, there they are, the baby shoots of daffodils, snowdrops and hyacinths, peeking through the mulch. I also found the red knobs of budding peonies, but to photograph them at this stage felt too invasive, like I had barged into their dressing room unannounced. Julian chastised me for prematurely denuding them of their leaf litter but I always fear they will rot under the swampy mess that the melting snow leaves. This conversation happens every year, a family tradition I suppose.

I keep feeling perplexed that I'm not swooning for spring. This is odd for me, but for some reason I seem more accepting of the season than normal. I think all the snow has helped. I love the snow. I even tried to psyche myself up for spring by building my spring pinterest board. Not even that worked.

This morning, I asked about the weather and Julian stated that the high would be in the 30s. I felt deflated when I realized that nothing but a big coat would do. Maybe that was it - my first little glimpse of passive aggressive spring longing. I don't want to wear a big coat. I want my elbows to be free.

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  1. Hello Amanda, I'm part of the craft blog swap and have decided to pop round and say hello. I'm so Ready for spring too! I have snowdrops here in Vancouver and winter aconites and the first yellow crocuses have just opened when an unexpected snowfall buried them up. I know! Vancouver! Can you believe it? I live part of the year in Oxfordshire UK and Robert is there at the moment and sent photos of my garden there with really tall greens on the daffodils already. I'm hoping the darn snow melts today so I can enjoy those first spring flowers. They're so welcome, aren't they?