Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So sleepy....

We had the wonderful company of my in-laws this past weekend. Julian's grandmother visited us for the first time ever and she was rather pleased. I was so flattered when she said that she'd been away from home and never even missed it.

She and my mother-in-law graciously helped me finish a long time WIP, my scrappy triangles quilt. I started it back in 2010, when I wasn't working right after we'd moved to Morgantown. It had just a few snips and stitches to take care of but I just couldn't bring myself to pull it out and go through the tedium, but it wasn't unpleasant with good company.

I left home as our family pulled out of the drive and now have just returned from a 24 hour trip to Naples, Florida, of all places. I had a dinner function there for work last night, so my boss and I flew down yesterday morning, had dinner, made merry, slept and flew back home. I don't recommend it. I didn't even get ONE photo of the sunset on the beach because my phone was dead. If it weren't for the blisters all over my feet (consequences of forcing my wintery feet into summery shoes about two months before they are ready) I would believe it was all just a dream.

I did take a picture of this palm tree as I was rushing BACK INTO the airport this morning. How lame. I suppose you can't tell that it's right between the terminal and the rental car return... the advantage of sly angles.

P.S. No... I haven't mailed my blog swap box... but I haven't gotten one either so there. I promise I'm thinking about it.


  1. Too bad about your camera and feet... :( That blue sky and palm tree are lovely despite their location, and your quilt is just lovely!

  2. PS: I'm mailing my blog swap box this afternoon while in town, so don't feel badly about not getting yours out yet!