Monday, February 10, 2014

Getting out...



Our weekend was rather dramatic, for me at least. Julian was a lot more cool-headed. Families are sometimes tricky and sometimes painful but I am so glad that Julian is there to keep me on an even keel. That said, we had a wonderful outing on Saturday morning and added some good birds to our list.

The lake has thawed, mostly, but the ducks still haven't returned. We are in the in-between stage where everything that goes south has already gone but its not time yet for things to start coming north. We've gotten to see a few neat things because the frigid weather froze the Great Lakes over, but I hope that the super cold is behind us, even if it means not seeing surf scoters and swans.

We saw many things, the neatest of which were a few Eastern Towhees doing just what the bird book said they would do by "rummaging noisily through the leaves and debris on the forest floor." We also saw some crazy iciles underneath the bridge and a Christmas tree graveyard that seemed odd and out of place. It would be a wonderful bird habitat but we both agreed it is likely not going to be there for long. We suspect they plan to pitch the trees into the lake to increase fish habitat, but until now the lake was frozen over.


  1. family. enough said. i am glad the rest of your weekend was lovely :)

  2. I love reading about y'all"s adventures. Did you ever go up to Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory in W.VA? To watch the migration?

    1. No, we haven't had a chance. Its 4.5 hours away from us - much closer to you! A road trip idea someday. :)