Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekending - Sherlock and Surf Scoter

Our weekend was perfect. Julian had to go volunteer at a science fair for high schoolers, so since we were out and about early on Saturday anyway, we stopped by the Morgantown dam and saw the surf scoter that has been evading us all week. It was a first for us. It is quite the odd duck (bahhaha) and rare for the area so it may be a once-in-a-lifer.

Saturday afternoon, Julian was consumed with pre-lacrosse season activities so I took the opportunity to snuggle on the couch downstairs with a book. I'm trying to keep the reading light with some classic kid-lit, since we've binge watched all three seasons of Sherlock this past week. My nerves are a bit frayed.

The first of our orchids started to bloom but we don't get enough sun here to open them all the way. They run out of energy with their eyelids half open, I feel the same way. Ahh. This is what weekends were made for.

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  1. I rather love that you're using a hair clip on your orchid. There are many little things like that around my house, a sign to true ingenuity ;-)