Monday, August 18, 2014

'Round the house

It occurred to me last week that I only ever post kitchen things and garden things. So much goes on in our home and life besides eating and gardening, though sometimes I wonder. We are such homebodies that it really is our favorite place to be, so I try to keep things so that even on our messy days, life is at least pretty.

We had a great last weekend of summer, though it wasn't really extravagant. Classes start at WVU on Monday and Julian is teaching for the first time here instead of full-time research. He will spend his off days writing his dissertation and we are in our chrysalis phase now, we hope. Hunkering down, keeping life simple, prioritizing so that in a year, the PhD will be done and life will move forward in a completely new way.

Th weather is the same as last week, the length of the day is only just the tiniest bit shorter and yet, there seems to be such a profound difference. The summer isn't over and yet, it is gone - we are on to fall whether we want to be or not.

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  1. Here in north Italy we have rain and clouds... such a strange summer, today it's a fall day, even if we are in August. I like the fresh air but I miss a real hot summer day ^_^