Thursday, August 7, 2014

marble pound cake, birthday cake :: smoke pork through the meat slicer for our picnic :: gluten free peach upside-down cake :: blueberries and more blueberries :: peaches :: spare ribs :: brioche and more brioche :: more peaches

My kitchen is a tired place and I'm a tired lady. My kitchen floor has been mopped clean of a quart of heavy whipping cream, the remnants of a wayward peach, and half a container of coffee grounds. It seems like every dish has been washed three times in as many days.

I've been busy preserving but also baking and feeding others! Last week was my friend Ellen-Maria's birthday. For that I was to bake a cake "as chocolate as I could stand." A marble pound cake with fudge sauce fit the bill nicely. I took a raspberry compote to go with it as well. The cake was easy peasy {not really} and I made it up as I went along. I made my traditional pound cake recipe through the part where it is time to put the flour in. Then I got out two bowls and a scale. I weighed out equal portions of batter in each bowl. I did the math to determine each bowl needed 1.5 cups of flour but one bowl got 1 cup of flour + 1/2 cup of cocoa powder and that's how I made the chocolate batter.

We had company over this past weekend, too, so we had a chance to try out our meat slicer that I found at a yardsale for $15. It worked wonderfully and I'm looking forward to getting more use out of it.

I have updated my sidebar to show all the things I've been preserving. Peaches and blueberries have been keeping me busy. I like to freeze as much as I can of  both of them. The blueberries I wash and put out on a cookie sheet to freeze before tossing them in a bag. This way I can get just as many as I want without them clumping. The peaches get sliced and measured, and when I put them in the bag, I throw in a few tablespoons of sugar and let them sit on the table like this for a few hours. This helps them make their own syrup that protects them a bit from freezer burn and other nasty things.

What's happening in your kitchen? Feel free to share with everyone over at Beauty That Moves.


  1. My husband would love that meat slicer! The bread looks delicious as well as the cake. Yummy!!

  2. We have a meat slicer,too, and it's wonderful in kitchen, so useful! Everything looks delicious ^_^

  3. everything looks delicious!!! like the marble pound cake(marmorkuchen),also the bread.
    greetings from germany,

  4. That pound cake looks to die for. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen.

  5. Oh your food is beautiful! The brioche is amazing!

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    1. (sorry our internet has been very flaky for weeks and I'd accidentally posted twice)

  7. Beautiful photos... your blueberries, peaches, the cake... all look so delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  8. OH that cake, those berries and brioche. So much yumminess!!

  9. Hmmm...interesting about the sugar on the peaches. I'm using up the last of my frozen peach slices from last summer, and they are totally freezer burned. I'll try sugaring them this year! I just checked out your sidebar and will definitely be trying the blueberry lime jam this weekend!

  10. your baking and preserving are amazing, I'd love to sit and watch and do taste tests for you :)