Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My swap package!

My swap package has arrived from Maryland, courtesy of Heather @ Getting Greener. She sent me a pint each of curried tomato jam and root relish. I've never tried anything of the sort, so I'm looking forward to it. They both seem like things that are good for warming up cold days, so I will put them aside with my other jars and we shall see come winter how we like them.

She also sent a baggie holder for plastic bags and two balls of Hap'i cotton yarn in the most wonderful sherbet-y color. I have not made many things with cotton, and although I love the color, both the color and the texture have me thinking "baby knits". Any recommendations for a baby pattern I can work up with 264 yards of lovely peachy aran weight cotton?

I might just make myself a hat. So there. The brioche hat. Yes... maybe.

Many thanks to Heather for my wonderful box of goodies and to Amanda for putting it all together! As is the case, each time I send off my box, I have new ideas of things I could have done. Maybe I just need to starting making and stashing, so I don't get caught in a rush again next time!


Update: In other news today, I was able to sit down for some lovely uninterrupted craft time and I got one more block of my farmer's wife sampler quilt started - and finished! This is ye old churn dash.  What do you think? 

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  1. What wonderful swap items. Winter's the perfect time to try the relishes. Your quilt block is lovely. I always look at these with envy as I have never quilted but would like to give it a try.
    Ali xx

    1. Ali, my quilting was also born of jealousy. Just do it. There are a zillion blogs that show you how. I was fortunate to have aunts and grandma's that quilt so in a way I am just continuing the family tradition. Buy cheap fabric at first and just whack on it until you get a feel for how things go together.

  2. I'm a quilter, so OF COURSE, I love your block! I want to get back to quilting so badly. The busy summer has prevented me from setting up my machine and bringing out all the "stuff!" Hopefully soon.

    And what wonderful swap box items you received and that you sent out...love the hedgehog!

  3. love your block and you received some lovely gifts!!

  4. Your block is very pretty! I also love the yarn. With a 6 week old baby I'm totally into vests right now. They keep back and tummy warm but don't overheat. How about this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/louise-6

  5. Love your block - quilting is on my to learn list this year! Great swap package.