Sunday, August 3, 2014

{Weekending} What an adventure!

It's been more than a week since I've posted anything, I've been busy adventuring! Our oldest nephew came last Thursday for his summer visit to our house in West Virginia. It certainly measured up to everyone's expectations. My family lived in Virginia when I was a child and we always enjoyed our week in West Virginia each summer. It is so fun to share the same (almost, sort of, not really) experience with Harris. {Mine was more like the book. His has a distinct king-for-a-day feel to it.}

We got a lot squeezed into our weekend, and for the sake of our memories (because our little gray cells are shriveled from exhaustion), I will document a list here:

chocolate milkshakes :: Legos :: feeding the birds :: cake and ice cream :: a trip to Cooper's Rock :: a trip to the WV Wildlife Center :: a trip to Eighty-four, Pennsylvania (for church) :: experiencing his first covered bridge (four total), not in a picture in a calendar (he said) :: blueberry picking :: being out of the frying pan and into the fire (Papa read some of The Hobbit to us) :: defeating Julian in an epic foosball tournament :: reading The House That Jack Built :: a kayak trip on the river :: seeing a tree smoke :: finding a waterfall :: watching a snake swim :: an awesome waterfight with Kelly Jo and the neighborhood kids :: the county fair :: a demolition derby

Surely I've forgotten something already. Whew! It's a wonder any of us are left standing.


  1. What fun!! I love when company comes and I can show them my corner of my world. Love the water photos!

  2. What a great (and amazingly ambitious) weekend! Nephews (and nieces, of course) are such great fun--I spent my teen years getting to play with my siblings' kids and having a blast with them. Play hard, send 'em home! Having kids is a lot different, of course. Deeper joy, bigger headaches, permanence. Both great stuff.

  3. what a weekend!!!!! I'd say he was treated like a king all weekend!!!!