Sunday, March 17, 2013

Peas, please!

I'm happy to be blogging from my phone. :) I will attempt to not publish any egregious auto correct errors. I can't promise anything, though.
Today we planted peas. I've never tried peas before and I can't recall my parents growing them when I was young. Can you believe its that time already?
We've put in three kinds: green arrow (heirloom shell type), burpeeana (conventional shell type), and sugar snap (eat the pod type). Sixty days from now we should be in pea heaven. If I were more patient I would have started only a few seeds of each kind this week and done the same two weeks from now. But no, slow and methodical? I'm not feeling it.
Now I'm off to make an apple cake from last fall's frozen apples.  Interesting dichotomy of the days...

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  1. I just realized (last week) that it's time to plant those peas, and lettuce, and broccoli. I really need to get out and do that. So glad it's finally time to garden a little!