Monday, March 25, 2013

Time to kill...

I can't even use that phrase without thinking of some quote I once read... "you can't kill time without injuring eternity." I thought it was a profound statement at the time that called us all to action and chastised the boredom away. Meh... I'm older now. I prefer to just call killing time "wait training". Before you go thinking I'm so witty, I'll confess that I saw that term in a devotional a few weeks back. THAT seems profound. Sometimes the most rigorous of our seasons of life are when we are waiting for what's next. How do we train ourselves to wait with eager anticipation, but not dissatisfaction with the present? If I knew, I'd tell you.
I started this post just to say that I am at the gym, finished with my workout (thanks to the Run Keeper app), waiting for Julian to pick me up. So I could be weight training for real, but I'm wait training.... so tangled, my brain.
So yeah, I'm hoping to get back to running. It seems that I do this once a year and about week 5, I am overcome by the world, catch a nasty bug, and quit. Here's hoping...

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