Friday, April 27, 2012

So... here I. AM.

So I came online today to disable this blog because it spooked me when a friend mentioned that it came up when she googled me. Heaven forbid! The whole world can google and know that I am terrible at finishing what I start, terrible at being consistent with any area of my life. Then, I came on here and realized over the 2 years with a whopping two posts, I've had 471 people stop by. What's more is that I've had three people JUST THIS WEEK.

That's very interesting... and kind of creepy. But I logged on and saw that Danielle had left a dear sweet comment back in March: "Listen write it and I will read it!"

So here I am. So... here.I.AM.

I'm going to make soap this weekend if it kills me. And by writing it here, I'm fully committed. Stay tuned, Danielle. :)

But first I've got to go purge the internet of the rest of my weird google-able-ness so I can maintain some semblance of privacy.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I could use a little more Amanda in my life!